Luxury Double-Sided Velvet Tanning Mitt

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  • OUR LUXURIOUS SOFT TOUCH VELVET TANNING MITT - Long-lasting fully re-usable, double-sided and washable velvet tanning mitt perfect for delivering totally even self tan applications time and time again.

  • GIVES A PERFECT STREAK-FREE APPLICATION – This best-selling For All My Eternity Self Tan Applicator Mitt gives easy fast and full coverage with zero streaks.

  • LONGER-LASTING AND WATERPROOF – Have you had enough of over-paying for poor quality self tan mitts that only last a couple of applications and stain your hands? Our top-performing luxury Longer-Lasting Velvet Tanning Mitt has been developed with an integrated waterproof film to prevent any self tan from transferring onto your hands during application.

  • FEELS AMAZING ON YOUR SKIN - Unlike many cheap foam mitts, this luxury premium velvet mitt is both soft and luxurious to the touch, helping your self tan glide onto the skin beautifully.

  • WORKS PERFECTLY WITH ALL CREAMS, LOTIONS, MOUSSE & SPRAYS - Our best-selling Tanning Mitt is suitable for use with all types of self tanning products and helps you achieve flawless results with total ease.