Tan Matcher

We make choosing the perfect shade of self tan easy for you. Our self tans have been uniquely developed to work on all skin tones and look just like a real tan, so you just need to decide what shade of tan you prefer - Light, Medium, or Dark - and you can get the flawless natural-looking tanned results you've been searching for. We have also created an easy-to-follow chart below for quick reference and product selection.

Self Tan Gradients
Which is the best self tan for me

We've organised our self tans into three shade categories, and under each category you can easily see which products have a guide colour (instant tint) and those which do not (untinted). We offer both tinted and untinted options as some of our customers prefer to use a natural self tan that gives instant results, whilst others prefer to use an untinted self tan that goes on as a white lotion, just like a luxury moisturiser, and develops in colour over several hours. Both styles of product are easy to use and give flawless results, it's purely down to your personal preference whether you like an instant tan or prefer one that develops.

Select from the below options to see the products available in each category:




Remember, if you need further help choosing a self tanning product we're always happy to assist, simply get in touch via our Contact Page and a member of our team will be pleased to recommend a product for you.