Luxury 3D Contoured Sleep Mask Set

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  • SOFT 3D CONTOURED SLEEP MASK SET – Developed from a premium quality lightweight breathable material to give a more comfortable fit, the For All My Eternity Sleep Mask has a unique contoured design with 3D shape to allow better REM sleep. The contoured design also ensures the eye area of the mask sits further away from your eye lashes, giving a much more enjoyable and natural fit to the face.

  • ENJOY A BETTER NIGHT’S SLEEP – This luxury sleep mask is perfect for people who need total darkness when trying to sleep. Perhaps you live near street lights, have a partner that enjoys watching late night television in bed, or maybe you travel a lot or work shifts & nights and need some darkness to rest in the daytime. Whatever your situation, our best-selling 3D Contoured Sleeping Mask will let you enjoy darkness whenever it’s needed.

  • CONTOURED SHAPE OFFERS A BETTER FIT TO BLOCK OUT MORE LIGHT – Unlike standard eye masks which sit close to your eyes, often pushing against your eye lashes or not feeling very comfortable when worn for longer periods of time, the For All My Eternity 3D Sleep Mask gives a much more natural fit to your face which ultimately helps to block out more light and stays comfortably in place all night long.

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – The soft, elasticated strap has a generous Velcro attachment area at the rear allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the size to offer the most comfortable fit. The combination of the soft elasticated strap and good-sized Velcro securing area ensures this sleep mask is suitable and comfortable for all head shapes and sizes.

  • COMES WITH FREE EAR PLUGS, TRAVEL POUCH, AND ‘10 STEPS TO A GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP’ – We all need a better night’s sleep right? After all, that’s probably why you’re looking at our Eye Mask Set. To help you along with enjoying a great night’s sleep we include a free pair of re-useable foam ear plugs and our ’10 Steps to a Great Night’s Sleep’ Guide (found on the back of the leaflet inside your Sleep Mask Pack). These tips are made especially to help you achieve a truly great night’s sleep!