What is the Best Spray Tan Extractor Fan?

Spray Tan Extractor Fans

Are you a UK beauty salon or mobile spray tan technician looking for a reliable, robust spray tan extractor fan? For All My Eternity Spray Tan Extractor Fans are industry leaders in filtration, build quality and affordability. Many people search for a cheap spray tan extractor fan, or the best spray tan extractor fan, but with For All My Eternity you get to enjoy the best of both worlds – our spray tan extractor fans are built to exacting standards without the expensive price tag.

If you own a salon, you need a portable, lightweight spray tan extractor fan that you can easily relocate around the salon when required. Separately, if you are a mobile beauty therapist it’s highly important that your spray tan extractor fan is light enough to carry from your car to the client’s house. Very often, extremely lightweight spray tan extraction equipment is not able to offer the type of extraction you really need, meaning spray tan overspray and particles being left in the air or on the walls of the salon or your client’s home. It also means you may be inhaling this excessive overspray, which is always best avoided for health reasons.

For All My Eternity spray tan extractor fans are lightweight, easily portable, and offer maximum extraction for the client. There is no need to compromise with our spray tan extractor fans, both quality and performance are first class, offering the best levels of spray tan extraction for your money.

Our spray tan extractor fans have removable and replaceable filter kits which should be replaced as per the guidelines to ensure your spray tan extraction fan works at its optimum filtration ability every time you use it.

Why not buy a spray tan extractor fan and tanning tent together with one of our leading spray tan machines and get everything you need to set up a profitable spray tan business either at your salon or on a mobile basis.

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