What is the Best Fake Tan with No Smell?

The Best Smell-Free Fake Tan

A common problem people seem to have when self tanning is that their fake tan has a really bad developing smell or odour. This is often caused by one of several reasons; firstly the ingredients your existing brand may be using could be low quality, resulting in that tell-tale fake tan whiff. Secondly, if you apply fake tan onto hot skin or on a hot day, this also increases the chance of there being a fake tan smell – this is down to the temperature of the skin whilst the tan is developing on it. The third reason you may be experiencing a bad fake tan smell could just be because you're not using For All My Eternity products!

Typically the higher the DHA percentage in a fake tan product, the more risk there is of it creating the fake tan smell people are so familiar with. This is due to there being more tanning agent in the product that can react on the skin and give off the fake tan smell whilst it's working and developing colour. The less DHA a fake tan has in it, the lower the chances of there being a bad fake tan smell. This however cannot be said with all products, those using inferior grade ingredients may still give off a bad fake tan smell regardless of the DHA percentages used in the fake tan.

If you are looking for a fake tan with no smell, we recommend trying Gradual 10 – this is one of our original products and a best-seller. It is a light fake tanner that doesn't give off the usual fake tan whiffs whilst it's developing on your skin.

We also have a very popular Tanning Mousse – Gold Edition Tanning Mousse – which is fragrance-free. In some instances added fragrances can actually increase the fake tan smell given off whilst developing, however this is not always the case. Our Gold Edition Mousse is not marketed as a no-smell fake tan, however as it is fragrance-free it has received lots of top reviews from beauty editors along with thousands of testimonials from customers who absolutely love the results and also comment that there is very little or no developing smell whilst using the tanner.

If you'd like to get away from the old bad-smelling fake tans of yesterday, come over to For All My Eternity, you'll love our fake tanning products, you'll love how they don’t smell, and most importantly you'll love the long-lasting natural colour that's so easily achieved with our entire range.

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