What is Tanning Shower Gel?

Tanning Shower Gel

When you are self tanning, it is important to prepare your skin and use the right pre-tan products to help maintain a long-lasting colour. Many shower gels are not ideal or suited for self tanning, taking natural oils from the skin and stripping self tan colour. Therefore when you’re tanning, shower gel choice is more important than you may think.

Tanning Shower Gel, such as For All My Eternity Tan Saving Shower Gel, is the perfect shower gel to use before, during, and after a self tan – unlike many other shower gels, our Tan Saving Shower Gel has been specifically developed to help extend and maintain your self tan. The unique pH-balanced mild skin cleansing formula found in our tanning shower gel is perfect for self tanned skin, gently cleansing the skin without removing your tan.

If you are looking for the best Tanning Shower Gel, try For All My Eternity Tan Saving Shower Gel today. It’s perfect for use with not just the For All My Eternity self tan range, but all self tanners in general. Our Tanning Shower Gel will help you extend the life of your tan by a few days due to its mild ingredients, ensuring your skin is clean and refreshed whilst your tan stays on the skin longer and fades more evenly.

This Tanning Shower Gel comes highly recommended by top magazines and beauty editors as the best new way to help extend your self tan.

Try our best-selling Tanning Shower Gel – For All My Eternity Tan Saving Shower Gel – here today and see for yourself why this is the must-have shower gel when applying and using self tan products.

'Switch your usual shower gel for For All My Eternity Tan Saving Shower Gel. With an even pH balance, it doesn't strip your skin of any natural oils, so your tan can last longer.' Woman Magazine