The Best Artificial Tanning Product

Best Artificial Tan

What is the best artificial tan? It’s a question asked by many fake tan aficionados who are looking for fake tan perfection. There are many good artificial tans on the market, but which artificial tan is best? There are a range of factors you should consider when trying to find your best artificial tan:

Does the artificial tan use natural ingredients?
Many cheap artificial tans tend to opt for low-cost chemical-laden mass-produced formulas that, whilst still give a tan, are not the most skin-friendly to use. If you opt for a more luxurious or premium artificial tanning product, such as For All My Eternity Natural 10 Lotion, you’ll find a wide range of natural and organic ingredients have been used to create a much more natural self tan. With natural and organic ingredients come a higher price for the finished product, but as is the case with many cosmetics – you tend to get what you pay for, and where your skin is involved it’s always advisable to get the best you can afford.

Does the artificial tan include organic ingredients?
If you really are searching for the best artificial tan then you should consider one that has been made with organic ingredients, such as the self tans available from For All My Eternity. Organic fake tans are on the rise and have firmly established themselves as some of the best fakes tans currently available thanks to their lovely natural and organic ingredients.

How long does the artificial tan last?
With constant improvements being made in the self tan industry, artificial tans are looking more and more genuine and lasting longer with each application. Again, it very much depends on the price of the product to help ensure you’re getting the best ingredients. The best artificial tans now use EHA, which works in combination with the DHA to help tan a deeper layer of the skin and give an even more authentic looking tan than ever before. For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse Gold Edition uses EHA along with organic DHA and Aloe Vera to help give you an authentic-looking tan that’s also kind to the skin.

Try the For All My Eternity range of natural and organic self tans today and experience the best artificial tan ever!