Self Tan for Pale Skin and Lighter / Fair Skin Tones

Best Fake Tan for Pale and Fair Skin

So you’ve got pale skin and long for a natural-looking tan, but so far every time you head out in the sun you just burn, peel, and you’re back to square one again. It’s the same problem for so many fairer-skinned people – achieving a great tan in the sun takes forever and involves serious commitment but with a fine balance of not staying in the sun too long and burning/damaging your skin.

For most fair-skinned or pale skinned people, the best and most simple route is to find a good fake tan that will work with your fair skin tones to give you the same natural-looking results but without any of the dangers of UV rays. However finding the best fake tan for pale skin can sometimes be more difficult than you think – there are so many brands and products available how do you know which fake tan is the best for your pale skin?

Firstly, you need to decide what depth of tan looks the most natural on fair skin. If you want a natural-looking tan then you need to be considering light to medium colour fake tan, ideally without any tint or guide colour, such as Gradual 10 or Natural 10 Lotion. These products go on as a white creamy lotion and will subtly deepen your fair skin tones over the course of 3-5 hours. The great benefit of these products is that if you’d like your tan to be deeper and darker, simply re-apply after 24 hours and your fair skin will deepen further. You don’t have to worry about your tan going too dark too quickly – and this is why these are two of our best-selling fake tans for fair skin and pale skin.

Choosing a dark fake tan for pale skin can run the risk of it looking a little fake or perhaps a little too dark for the skin. It’s therefore important you choose a light or medium fake tan for your fair skin and then layer it on over several applications to get to the dark colour you wish to achieve. Applying fake tan on pale skin tones using this method will help to ensure your tan deepens perfectly and looks flawless for up to 7 days per application. If you wish to extend your tan, simply re-apply 3-5 days after initial application. This will help to keep your tan topped up and looking fresh.

It’s easy to achieve a totally natural-looking fake tan when you have fair skin or pale skin tones, you simply need to select the right product for your skin tone and build up the colour using a layering technique until you reach your desired results.

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