Self Tan FAQs

Which self tan product is right for me?
Use our self tan product colour guide below to help you compare our self tanning range and select the most appropriate based on your requirements..

How light/dark are your self tanners?
For All My Eternity self tans work with your own skin tones to give you a colour similar to that which you would naturally tan in the sun. Once applied, your colour will develop in about 3-4 hours. If you would like a darker tan, just re-apply. Please refer to the above colour guide.

Are your products made with natural ingredients?
Yes, all our products are paraben-free and made using the finest natural and organic ingredients. We also pride ourselves on creating some of the finest self tan products on the market, which is demonstrated by the many 5-star ratings and top reviews our formulations have received in the UK National beauty press.

How soon can I get dressed after applying the tanner? Will it rub off onto my clothes or my bedding?
Our self tanners absorb almost immediately as they are applied to the skin. You should however wait approximately 5 minutes after application before getting dressed, and wear dark, loose-fitting clothes whilst the tan develops. For All My Eternity Gradual 10, Natural 10 and Tan & Tone lotions do not rub off onto clothes or bedding. For All My Eternity Spray Tan, Fast Tan, and Tanning Mousse contain a wash-off guide colour to ensure even application; the guide colour may come off on your clothes and bedding, however it will wash off easily.

Do your self tanners streak?
For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse, Fast Tan & Spray Tan solutions are tinted to help application and ensure an even tan. Our ever-popular Gradual 10, Natural 10 and Tan & Tone are creamy white lotions and very easy to apply, especially with a tanning mitt. However, remember self tanning products will tan you where you put them. No self-tanner will streak if it is applied evenly.

How long does the colour last?
For All My Eternity Spray Tan & Tanning Mousse will last up to 7 days depending on your skin type. For All My Eternity tanning lotions normally last up to 5 days. The colour will then begin to gradually lighten naturally. Exfoliating well before tanning, and moisturising daily can help prolong your tan.

Will my tan come off in the pool or sea?
Chlorine and salt water tend to strip colour, however our customers have reported that our lotions have not come off in the pool or sea, provided that you exfoliate well before applying the product and moisturise daily.

Do For All My Eternity products contain sunscreen?
No, our products do not contain an SPF and do not therefore protect you from the sun. Wearing sunscreen is therefore essential.

Can I wear sunscreen whilst using For All My Eternity self tan?
As our products do not contain an SPF, using a high SPF factor sunscreen is essential. If you apply the self tan product onto clean, un-moisturised skin and allow it to fully absorb before applying sunscreen (or any other products), the sunscreen should not affect how the self tan develops or wears. Use an oil-free sunscreen if possible.

Are your self tanners tinted so you can tell where to apply them?
This is product-dependant. Our Tanning Mousse, Spray Tan, and Fast Tan contain a wash-off guide colour to ensure even application and to deliver an instant tan. Our other products do not contain any guide colour and blend into the skin very easily, developing subtly into a natural-looking colour over a few hours without streaks.

How long do I need to leave the product on before showering?
Your tan will start to develop over 3-4 hours (Tanning Mousse and Spray Tan) or 4-6 hours (Self Tan Lotions) after application. We also offer our Fast Tan which gives you long-lasting colour within 60 minutes. For best results, we recommend you allow the product to develop on your skin for at least 7-8 hours, or longer if you wish to achieve a darker tan. For All My Eternity Fast Tan will develop in just 1-2 hours, however you can leave it on for up to 4 hours if you want to achieve a darker tan.

Are your self tanning products suitable for the face?
Our self tanning products work equally well on your face and body.

Do I need to exfoliate before tanning?
You should always exfoliate prior to self tanning because this will get rid of any old dead skin cells (meaning you're tanning the newest layer of skin) and help to ensure an even and longer-lasting tan.

What's the difference between Original and Gold Edition Mousse?
Our Gold Edition Tanning Mousse is a more luxurious version of our Original Tanning Mousse, with added antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients, including pomegranate extract. Gold Edition mousse is also fragrance-free, which means it's more suitable for those with fragrance allergies and more sensitive skin. The colour of the tan is however very similar.

I'm allergic to most fake tans, they make me itchy and sore. Will your products cause the same reaction?
Some people have a reaction to dihydroxyacetone (DHA, i.e. the tanning agent) which is used in ALL self-tanners, including For All My Eternity tanning products. We do have many customers with sensitive skin who use our Gradual 10 Lotion, which has less DHA in it. If you have had bad experiences with other self tanners in the past, we would recommend this product, however if it is the tanning agent DHA you are allergic to, unfortunately Gradual 10 Lotion may also cause an allergic reaction, in which case we do not recommend using it. We recommend customers with allergies contact us for a full ingredient list before placing an order.

Are your products tested on animals?
No. For All My Eternity products and ingredients are not tested on animals, and no animal derived ingredients are used in our products.

Can your self tan products be used during pregnancy?
Always check with your GP. According to NHS, although there are no known dangers of using tanning products during pregnancy, they can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Changes in hormone levels can make the skin more sensitive than normal. If you wish to use fake tan during pregnancy, test the product on a small area of skin first to see if you have a reaction.

Will your self tanners stain my hands?
Provided your hands are washed thoroughly with soap and water for at least 30 seconds immediately following application, no self tanner should give you tanned palms.

Do I need to use a tanning mitt to apply your products?
We highly recommend using a tanning mitt because it makes application even easier and means you don't get any product on the palms of your hands. It's not a requirement, but we would recommend one. Alternatively you can use disposable vinyl gloves. If you are just using your hands to apply the product, make sure you wash them using hot soapy water straight away afterwards to remove the tan from your palms.

How do I tan the back of my hands if I need to wash them immediately following application?
If you don't have a tanning mitt, a good tip is to apply a small amount of tanner with cotton wool, sponge or a tissue onto the back of your hands after you have washed them; also wipe around your wrists to avoid any marks. Alternatively, apply a small amount of tan to the back of one hand and rub the back of both hands together. Then use a tissue to remove any tan from the palms and fingernails.

Do your self tan products have an expiry date?
All our products contain a PAO symbol on the packaging which reflects how long the product will be suitable for use after it has initially been opened for the first time. Where a product instead has an expiry date, this date will be clearly shown on the packaging and displays when the product should be used by. Before any of our products are dispatched to you, they are kept in a cool, dark environment which is the ideal storage conditions for natural products. If you do not intend on using your products straight away, we recommend you also store them in this way to maximise their useable life. Once a product has been opened or is being stored in a normal heated environment, the product should be used within six months.

There are a great deal of beauty products on the market that have a significantly longer shelf life, however those products typically contain lots of preservatives and other chemicals that help preserve the product itself rather than your skin. We therefore recommend rather than stocking up with lots of products you instead buy in smaller quantities and re-order more often whenever you begin to run low. This guarantees you are always getting the freshest and most recently-made stock from us on every occasion.

How should I store self tanner?
We recommend storing your self tanner in a cool, dark place away from radiators, direct sunlight, and humid areas such as the bathroom.

Can I place an order over the phone?
Currently we process all orders and payments through our website, this ensures your order is processed quickly and efficiently via our fulfilment system. If you are interested in placing a trade order, please contact us to discuss your payment options.

Can you send me free samples?
Unfortunately we do not currently stock sample sizes. However, if you are in any doubt about just how good our products are, please take a minute to view our Testimonials and Press section, which should hopefully convince you!

I'm an influencer/blogger and would like to work with you.
Great, please contact us and tell us more about your social channels and audience size, and a member of our team will take a closer look.

Where can I buy your products?
You can order our full range via our website, and select online and offline retailers throughout the UK. We are always expanding so check back for new stockists regularly.