Phenomenal Tanning Mousse Explained

Phenomenal Tanning Mousse?

If you are on the search for a phenomenal tanning mousse then you're expecting it to do several things. A phenomenal tanning mousse should be long-lasting, it should give you a totally natural-looking tan, it should fade evenly without streaks. It should also give you a non-patchy tan, and also have very little or no developing smell. In short a phenomenal tanning mousse needs to do everything you would expect, and more.

How long should a phenomenal tanning mousse tan actually last for though? Some companies claim that their tanning mousse will give you a tan that lasts 2-3 weeks – that really is phenomenal! But how can a tanning mousse actually last on your skin for 2-3 weeks when typically your skin is naturally shedding and renewing itself constantly; and in general completely renews itself every 28 days?

This would typically mean that after 14 days much of the top layer of your skin has already shed itself and taken much of the tan with it. This would normally mean that your fake tan has faded (its colour disappearing with the skin cells naturally shedding from the body) and will no longer have the same depth of colour as when you first applied it. But according to some brands' phenomenal tanning mousse products, the tan continues to last through this natural phase. How can this be?

After investigating these products further, it is apparent that these other brands tanning mousse do not actually manage to beat the natural skin renewal process, instead there is a much simpler answer to how these phenomenal tanning mousses manage to last for 2-3 weeks – you need to re-apply them!

In a similar way, For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse can give you a tan that lasts for a whole month if required. To achieve a month-long tan, apply the tanning mousse onto clean, dry, well exfoliated skin straight after a shower. The tan will typically keep its colour for 7-10 days. After day 6-7 exfoliate well again to help the skin shed any dead skin cells sitting on the top layer and re-apply a thin layer of the tanning mousse again. This will darken and even out your existing colour, topping up for your tan and taking you through another week quite easily. Repeat this process after a further 7 days to give you a tan that lasts 3 weeks, and again 7 days later to keep your self tan looking good for a whole month. Using this same application technique as what other brands use to market their own phenomenal version of their tanning mousse and you too can have a natural-looking fake tan that will last a month, or even longer if desired. For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse allows you to spend just 5-10 minutes a week on your tanning regime, compared to taking a whole day to apply several layers that need to develop and also require you to shower in between each application. Now that's phenomenal!

Try Our Award-winning Tanning Mousse by clicking here today. Unlike most other fake tans on the market, For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse is formulated with EHA, a natural ingredient which works together with DHA to help tan a deeper layer of the skin. This results in a more genuine and authentic-looking self tan that will also fade more evenly and last even longer than a regular self tan. Try For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse today and see for yourself why everyone’s raving about it!