How To Get The Perfect Self Tan at Home

Finally, How To Perfect Your Fake Tan

Do you love self tanning, but feel you could improve your application techniques? If you have ever struggled perfecting your fake tan, realised you've missed a bit when it's just too late, or ended up with rather questionable results - fear not! Here are our top 10 tanning tips that will help ensure you achieve that perfectly tanned look every time without fail.

10 Essential Tips for the Perfect Tan Every Time
If you have ever struggled perfecting your fake tanning techniques and ended up with questionable results or white bits - fear not! Here are the top 10 essential tanning tips that will help ensure you achieve that perfectly tanned look every time without fail.

1. Exfoliate well
Exfoliating prior to tanning helps ensure an even, longer lasting tan. Exfoliating helps to remove any dead skin cells that otherwise absorb self tan and shed themselves shortly after to leave the fresh skin underneath without any tan showing. Lack of exfoliation is one of the most common causes of an uneven tan. Choose a gritty natural exfoliating scrub for best results, such as For All My Eternity Sweet Satsuma & Grapefruit Exfoliating Body Buffer.

2. Use a Barrier Cream
Apply a thick creamy barrier cream onto areas with dry skin (such as elbows, knees, ankles etc.). Do not apply any other creams, lotions, perfume or deodorants onto your skin before tanning. For All My Eternity Body Butters make excellent barrier creams for self tanning, available in Exotic Coconut and Sweet Satsuma.

3. Tanning Mitt = Even Application
Always apply self tan using a tanning mitt (or gloves). For the most even coverage and easiest application also ensure you only apply self tan onto clean, dry, unmoisturised skin.

4. Blend and Pay Attention
Blend evenly, paying special attention to elbows, knees, ankles, neck, wrists, fingers, toes etc.

5. Don't Dress Again Too Quickly
Allow your self tan to dry for approximately 5-10 minutes before getting dressed. Some products, such as For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse Gold Edition dry almost instantly, allowing you to get dressed almost straight away.

6. Choose Your Apres-Tan Clothing Well
Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes straight after tanning. This will ensure your clothes won't rub against your frshly tanned skin and potentially affect how even the tan develops for you.

7. Don't Hit The Gym Straight After You've Tanned
Avoid all physical activity directly after applying the product. Sweating or perspiration whilst your tan is still developing may cause your tan run and turn out a little streaky.

8. Give The Product Time To Work
Unless the product states otherwise, do not bathe or shower for at least 12 hours. If you need a tan in a hurry, try For All My Eternity Fast Tan which gives a developed tan in just 1 hour.

9. Want To Go Darker Still?
Re-apply your self tan the following day if you want darker results. Alternatively, choose a dark self tan from the start, such as For All My Eternity Spray Tan Medium/Dark.

10. Moisturise To Keep Your Tan Looking Fresh
Moisturise daily and exfoliate every 3-5 days depending on your skin type to ensure your tan lasts longer and wears smoothly and evenly. Extend your tan by using a gradual tan or tan extender such as For All My Eternity Gradual 10 Lotion, which works as a daily moisturiser with a hint of self tan to help maintain that natural-looking glow.

Remember: No self-tanner should streak if it is applied evenly.

You should now be able to rock an amazing tan every time without any excuses!