How Do I Wash Off My Fake Tan?

When Do You Wash Off Fake Tan?

'When should I wash off fake tan’ is a very common question we get asked. Once you have applied your fake tan you need to leave it to develop colour over the course of several hours. Depending on what self tan product you have bought will depend on the developing time, which dictates when you should wash off fake tan. If you wash off your fake tan too soon, it may not have fully developed in colour, meaning your self tan may not be as dark as usual, and also may not last as long on your skin. This is simply because you have washed off your fake tans active ingredients from your skin, preventing it from working properly.

What's the best shower gel to use after fake tan?
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How long should you leave fake tan on for before washing it off?
To get the best results, even with those tanners that will develop in just a few hours, apply your fake tan onto clean dry skin straight after a shower and just before you go to bed. This will give your tan all night to develop in colour, meaning when you wake up in the morning your tan should have fully developed and you will be fine having a shower to wash off any guide colour or excess fake tan from your skin. Washing off your fake tan after only a few hours may still be fine, but for best results leave it overnight to fully develop.

Some people confuse washing off their fake tan with washing off their guide colour. These are two very different things. The fake tan (once developed on your skin) normally cannot simply be washed off as it has actually developed on your skin and will fade naturally over several days as your skin naturally sheds itself. You can speed up this process by regularly showering and exfoliating gently if you are trying to remove your fake tan, but typically it is easier just to let your tan fade naturally.

Washing off your guide colour is something that normally needs to be done 12-24 hours after you have applied your fake tan. This is only applicable however to self tans with instant colour, as it is this colour that washes off (rather than the tan itself). The instant guide colour helps you see where you are applying your fake tan whilst also giving you an instant glow – perfect if you are going out in the evening and want an instant tan. The self tan itself then develops underneath the guide colour over several hours. When you come to wash off your guide colour later, you will notice all of this colour will go down the drain, however your skin should then already have a nice natural glow from the actual self tan having fully developed on your skin.

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