Express Spray Tan Solution

Express Tanning Spray (Fast Tan)

Gone are the days when the fastest developing fake tans took 3-5 hours to give results. Of course, these products are still widely available and a fully developed tan in 3-5 hours is still a quick way to get a tan, but as with most things there have been advances in technology and formulations that have given rise to a new, even faster tanning product – the Express Tanning Spray.

An Express Tanning Spray is a spray on tan that will typically give you a developed tan in as little as 60 minutes. Most Express Tanning Sprays contain an instant guide colour, so similar to a normal spray tan you will get an instant tan as soon as it has been applied, however remember that this is just the instant guide colour and not the actual developed tan. Normal Spray Tan take around 3-5 hours for the actual tan to develop, whereas an Express Tanning Spray can give you a developed tan in just 60 mins.

How does an Express Tanning Spray Work?
Express Tanning Sprays contain a similar formula to normal spray tans however they also often include EHA which works in combination with the DHA (tanning agent) to tan a deeper layer of the skin. There are then various tan accelerators and often a higher level of DHA itself being used to help the tan develop quicker on the skin.

Typically an Express Tanning Spray will give a nice natural colour after the first 60 minutes, however leaving the tanning spray on for longer will allow it to develop deeper in colour. Two hours will normally give a deeper richer bronze glow, and three hours will see it going even darker for those who really like a dark tan. Most Express Tanning Sprays do not recommend leaving them on for in excess of 3 hours to avoid going too dark.

For All My Eternity Express Tanning Spray has quickly become a firm customer favourite amongst those who like to tan in a hurry, and then get on with their day. Our express tanning spray is made using certified organic DHA along with a variety of the finest natural ingredients to great a gorgeous authentic looking tan that’s also gentle on the skin.

Try For All My Eternity Express Tanning Spray today and see how quickly it will give you a natural-looking glow in the comfort of your own home.

For All My Eternity Express Tanning Spray is also available in salons across the UK and can be purchased in salon-sizes from our webshop.