Best Shower Gel to Use With Fake Tan

Shower Gel with Self Tan

Are they a good match for each other? Using a shower gel with self tan can often lead to pre-mature colour fade of the self tan itself. Many shower gels contain high levels of pH and can therefore strip the self tan from the skin, leaving you looking patchy and uneven.

Choosing the best Shower Gel with self tan has just been made a lot easier, thanks to For All My Eternity Tan Saving Shower Gel. This unique shower gel has been specifically developed for use on self tanned skin, meaning it won’t strip the colour from the skin, nor any natural oils. Our Tan Saving Shower Gel instead helps to care for your existing self tan and extend your glow, perfect for getting the most out of every application of self tan.

Using some shower gels with self tan too soon after application can even affect how the self tan develops on the skin, in the most extreme cases resulting in a tan that develops an undesirable shade, meaning you have to spend time then trying to scrub away the original tan to begin again. Therefore using a shower gel that has been especially designed for use on self tanned skin is more important than you may think in terms of ensuring your tan looks its best and lasts as long as possible.

For All My Eternity Tan Saving Shower Gel contains the best natural ingredients and is a mild pH-balanced skin cleanser that is perfect for tending to self tanned skin without stripping any of the skin’s natural oils and even more importantly not taking away that lovely self tanned shade you’ve worked so hard to apply.

If you want to use the best shower gel with your self tan, try For All My Eternity Tan Saving Shower Gel today and enjoy your glow even longer!

This Tanning Shower Gel comes highly recommended by top magazines and beauty editors as the best new way to help extend your self tan. Our Tan Saving Shower Gel does not contain self tan, it is designed to be used with self tanned skin to extend the life of your tan.

Try our best-selling Tan Saving Shower Gel here today and see for yourself why this is the must-have shower gel when applying and using all self tan products.

'Switch your usual shower gel for For All My Eternity Tan Saving Shower Gel. With an even pH balance, it doesn't strip your skin of any natural oils, so your tan can last longer.'  -  Woman Magazine