Best Paraben-Free Self Tan Range

Buy Paraben-free Fake Tan from For All My Eternity

If you are concerned about parabens being used in beauty products, you can now buy paraben-free fake tan products right here from For All My Eternity. We are proud to develop some of the best self tanning products on the market without the use of parabens. Our self tans are known for giving a completely natural-looking tan straight out the bottle that lasts longer than most other self tans on the market, fades more evenly, and leaves no streaks or lines. It's been hailed by many people as the best fake tan ever - we leave you to decide that for yourselves!

Paraben-free fake tans are getting more and more popular in recent times as parabens continue to get bad press in most of the newspapers and beauty magazines. You can now buy many beauty products in the UK that are paraben-free and made from natural ingredients, and more brands are converting to paraben-free products each and every year.

For All My Eternity offers all of its range in paraben-free form.

If you're shopping for paraben-free beauty products, self tans and fake tans you should always double-check the ingredients prior to buying in a shop. If you are looking to buy paraben-free fake tan online, read the product description carefully or just send the brand a quick email to find out if the self tan product you are considering is indeed paraben-free or not.

If you like an all-natural self tan that's paraben-free, try For All My Eternity products - we're sure you'll love using them and enjoy the results time and time again.

You may have also recently seen certain fake tan brands advertising themselves as 'the only non-toxic fake tan in the UK' - unfortunately this is just poor marketing practise on behalf of the brands involved. If any beauty product was deemed as toxic, it of course would be completely illegal to sell it for general use on the skin.

All beauty products and ingredients go through very strict quality tests and trials to ensure they are completely safe for use and fit for purpose. Advertising a product as the only non-toxic fake tan is both incorrect information and bad advertising practise. Most fake tans contain perfectly safe non-toxic ingredients. There are indeed however differences in whether a brand opts for all natural ingredients or chooses to use chemicals to create their products, but this information is normally freely available on the brands websites, especially if they are natural products, in which case the brand would normally like to publicise this fact to their customers as a selling point. For All My Eternity fake tan products are formulated using natural ingredients without any parabens, furthermore they contain no animal-derived ingredients, have not been tested on animals, and are non-toxic.

Going back to 'The Only Non-Toxic Fake Tan' adverts, we recommend you choose which fake tan brand you use very carefully, those brands that have to make such rash comments may very well be trying to hide something else, like a streaky tan...!

Go Natural with For All My Eternity.