Best Dark Tan For BodyBuilders

Dark Fake Tan for Bodybuilders

The best bodybuilding fake tan is one that should give you a really dark colour. Many bodybuilders use extreme dark fake tans to achieve the depths of colour they require for bodybuilding competitions, however there are not that many fake tans on the market that are dark enough for body builders. Most bodybuilders instead apply several coats of a dark fake tan in order to get their skin dark enough. If you’re a bodybuilder and want the darkest possible dark, then read on.

To get a really dark tan suitable for bodybuilders and bodybuilding competitions, you first need to be looking at very dark fake tan products. Typically the darkest fakes tans on the market are usually spray tans, and the level of darkness is measured by the percentage of DHA in the tan – the higher the DHA percentage, the darker your tan will become. Bodybuilder fake tans are not designed to look natural, you wouldn’t want to go walking down a street with a bodybuilder tan, it would be far too dark for daily wear! However, in bodybuilding competitions, the darker your tan is, the better, as often people feel it better highlights their muscle definition.

Whilst the For All My Eternity Spray Tan is suitable for bodybuilders, we would recommend several applications in order to get down to the really dark colour you typically expect for bodybuilding. Our Spray Tan will give you a naturally dark fake tan after just one application. This will however look totally natural and after just one application will simply be a nice deep bronze glow, similar to if you have been on holiday in the sun for several weeks.

If you want to go darker for bodybuilding purposes, allow the spray tan to develop fully for a few hours, then re-apply a second layer after showering off the original guide colour. You can either spray on the tan using the atomiser or you can put the solution into a spray tan gun and spray the tan onto your skin. If you are applying the spray tan by hand, it is best to use a tanning mitt to help ensure you get good coverage.

If you want to go extremely dark with your fake tan for bodybuilding, apply a third layer after the previous layer has developed. Beware, you will be exceptionally dark after 3 applications of Spray Tan, however if this is specifically what you are trying to achieve for a bodybuilding competition, then you'll find the colour is perfect for you.

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