Instant Natural Spray Tan (Dark - Tinted)

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Natural Spray Tan for a Flawless Instant Medium / Dark Tan

For All My Eternity Medium to Dark Spray Tan is our natural dark spray tan that offers deep, long-lasting authentic colour. Our professional tanning solution is developed using a unique blend of natural ingredients including moisturisers, tan enhancers and skin smoothers. For All My Eternity natural dark tanning spray gives you an instant, dark, streak-free, non-sticky totally natural-looking tan that lasts up to 7 days per application.

For All My Eternity Spray Tan - Medium to Dark

  • Delivers an instant dark tan that can last up to 1 week per application.
  • Dries to the touch immediately as it is applied.
  • Professional tanning formula, full of moisturisers, tan enhancers & skin smoothers
  • Paraben-free natural formula.
  • Not tested on animals; no animal-derived ingredients in our products.
  • Complements your existing tan by deepening and evening out skin tones.
  • Contains a wash-off guide colour to help you see where you have applied the product
  • Can also be used with a spray tan machine - pour the solution into your machine cup.

Size: 250ml / 8.5fl oz

Quick Facts:
Type of Product: Liquid Atomiser Pump Spray
Guide Colour: Yes
Instant Tan/Developing: Instant (whilst tan develops in 3-5 hours underneath)
Fragrance: Almond (Amaretto)

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